All the queries have been arranged according to GRIHA V 2015. However, the queries belong to all versions of GRIHA. You may search directly through the search bar or by searching new criterion on similar subject.

Criterion 1: Site Selection

Criterion 2: Low-impact design

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Criterion 3: Design to mitigate UHIE

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Criterion 4: Site imperviousness factor

Criterion 5: Air and pollution control

Criterion 6: Preserve & protect landscape during construction

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Criterion 7: Construction management practices

Criterion 8: Energy efficiency

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Criterion 9: Renewable energy utilization

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Criterion 10: Zero ODP materials

Criterion 11: Achieving indoor comfort requirements (visual/ thermal/ acoustic)

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Criterion 12: Maintaining good IAQ

Criterion 13: Use of low VOC paints and other compounds in building interiors

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Criterion 14: Use of low flow fixtures and systems

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Criterion 15: Reducing landscape water demand

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Criterion 16: Water quality

Criterion 17: On-site water reuse

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Criterion 18: Rainwater recharge

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Criterion 19: Utilization of BIS recommended waste materials in building structure

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Criterion 20: Reduction in embodied energy of building structure

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Criterion 21: Use of low-environmental impact materials in building interiors

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Criterion 22: Avoided post construction landfill

Criterion 23: Treat organic waste on site

Criterion 24: Labor safety and sanitation

Criterion 25: Design for universal accessibility

Criterion 26: Dedicated facilities for service staff

Criterion 28: Smart metering and monitoring

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Criterion 29: Operation, maintenance protocols

Criterion 30: Performance assessment for final rating

Criterion 31: Innovation

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